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From the desk of Rob Plevin, Needs-Focused Teaching Creator:

Now You Can Use My Ready-Made, Cutting Edge Student Motivation Materials To Present Your Own Training Courses – For Profit Or As part Of Your School’s CPD Program.

For 5 years I marketed and ran this extremely popular and effective course – Motivate Your Disinterested Students – and I am now in a position to offer ALL the ready-to-go materials to any teacher or trainer who wants to run their own in-demand courses, workshops and seminars.

Whether you have years of experience in training or are just starting, this course from the Needs Focused Teaching laboratory will give you all the information, materials and strategies you need to deliver an outstanding and hugely enjoyable student motivation training session for teaching staff. This is a course which will not only get results, but will also help bring you the kind of delegate feedback other trainers dream about.

The course materials have been tweaked and improved over the course of many presentations to the point that you can take them and run a highly practical, unique and hugely enjoyable course, workshop or seminar which attendees will talk about for years to come.

From keynote speeches and short twilight sessions to half day & full day courses, you’ll be able to offer them all.

I have been using a number of the strategies in my own teaching and found them to be hugely beneficial. The importance of building a positive relationship cannot be stressed enough . Kindness, patience and gentle words of praise and encouragement that come from the heart really do make a difference. As one student said to me ‘You really care. It makes a difference.’ I am very keen to introduce the Needs-Focused Approach in the college where I work as I feel it is so effective.

- James Woodworth -

Who Is This Training Pack Suitable For?

The course materials have been used in primary schools (K-6), secondary schools, high schools, colleges, behaviour units, youth centres, residential settings and universities. The strategies are universal and can be easily adapted for use by any educational professional including…

Established trainers and consultants who want an extra ready-to-go course to add to their repertoire

Senior teachers and CPD Coordinators who wish to run unforgettable INSET in their own school and/or neighbouring schools

Local Education Authority trainers/consultants who are looking for additional strategies to offer teachers in partner schools

Aspiring trainers or any education professional who wants to enter the training/consultancy market

Rob has delivered his Needs Focused course on our Secondary PGCE at the University of Hull for three years now and each year my trainees have no only found him to be inspirational, but they have learnt much about managing the learning environment and young people effectively. Rob’s course is based on the value of building relationships, but trainees can emulate Rob since he models to the highest degree how to behave as a teacher. The course is fun, well-constructed and as the title suggests, very focused on positive strategies.

- Dr Anne Bore, University of Hull -

What You Will Get

The course is highly practical (each module includes physical, interactive activities to teach and reinforce the material) and is full of actionable, useful content while maintaining an element of fun and humour. The training pack includes...

Engaging Delegate Course Book

Course activities, games and teach-back reinforcers

Comprehensive ‘say-this-now’ Trainer Handbook

I never saw 15-year-olds move so fast to come back to order. No repeating myself, no prodding. The application of your tips has been wonderful! The first time I explained to my students that I would count backwards from ten when I was ready for them to come back from their group work, it worked like magic. It seems like you know the practical answers to classroom needs. Thank you!


Erin Rhone

Normal price £499

Currently just £67

  • Power Point Course Slides (editable and brandable with your own logo)
  • Comprehensive ‘say-this-now’ Trainer Handbook –The handbook includes comprehensive instructions explaining exactly how to teach each module and provides a range of timed activities and discussions to reinforce each key point.
  • Engaging Delegate Course Book – consolidation exercises and notes
  • Additional attendee handouts – extra exercises and information sheets
  • Course activities, games and teach-back reinforcers – the fun/active element of the course (included throughout the trainer handbook and as stand-alone activities)


"I led the Needs Focused Student Motivation courses & workshops internationally for five years. During that time I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t … so you don’t have to! You get all of my collective training experience – a genuine template to work from, complete with a syllabus which you can adapt to all kinds of situations."


‘4-Step Sign-Up’ Sales System For Trainers: How to use FREE STRATEGY SESSIONS to get decision-making clients for your workshops.

Ideal for coaches who are selling high-ticket 1:1 or group coaching and for selling workshops and training courses to companies and organisations. I have used it in the education sector to sell a range of training services including online packages, coaching and workshop programs. It is a relatively simple, yet very effective process.


Motivate the Unmotivated (ebook version): A Step-by-Step System You Can Use To Raise Motivation In Your Classroom Tomorrow

Improve student motivation for teachers in today’s toughest classrooms.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to this course as it includes additional answers which you can use in discussion sessions with delegates.

I'm a new substitute teacher and on my first 2 days, I thought I was not going to make it! I tried this technique today with all my grades (8 and 9) and even the most difficult class worked very well! I coupled it with countdown to settling, and it works amazingly. Thank you so much, what a difference it made!


- Anon.  (Five Star Amazon Review)


I've been following Rob for years and have used his suggestions very successfully. I've also shared with colleagues. Those who try them are always amazed at how well they work. Those who don't, continue to shout at pupils and are surprised when the pupils shout back!


- Marge M. 

What can you do with the materials

What can you do with the materials

The Motivate Your Disinterested Students Trainer’s pack will provide you with everything you need to run your own courses in a variety of settings:

  • Advertise and run public courses for profit – Hire a hotel room or school classroom and then invite teachers from neighbouring schools to attend the course
  • Run courses for your own school or college – Use the materials as a complement to your current training materials or as a stand-alone course
  • Run courses for local education authorities or council – This can be very lucrative! Our ‘Tips For Selling Bulk Courses’ explains a step by step strategy for approaching budget holders
  • Run twilight INSET sessions – Split the material into 6 parts and teach two modules at a time, 1 evening per week over a half term (very popular format)

Get the TRAINER PACK for £499 £67