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- A Special Breathing Technique You Can Use to REDUCE ANXIETY & STRESS-PROOF Yourself Right Now
- 4 Additional Methods to Reduce Workload & Stress 
- How to effectively deal with demands from unsupportive colleagues and managers


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The mini-course explains exactly how to quickly and easily REDUCE inappropriate behaviour and manage problems more effectively by creating an environment in which students WANT to behave for you.

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  • FIVE tried and tested ways to make sure students LISTEN TO and FOLLOW your instructions
  • An easy way to achieve 100% consistency when dealing with your students
  • How to get respect from the most challenging groups
  • Six steps to get disruptive students back on task
  • How a special notice on your classroom wall can get your challenging students behaving appropriately without you needing to say anything at all

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Watch this 10-minute video to Learn a Surprisingly Effective Method For Settling Noisy, Out-Of-Control Groups of Students In Record Time.

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