The Needs Focused Teaching Method 

The Secret to Winning the Hearts, Minds & Respect of Any Challenging Student and Any Noisy, Difficult Group... Guaranteed! 

Have you noticed that the usual behaviour management techniques are no longer working?

The 'carrot and stick' behaviourist approach is completely outdated. Children hate being controlled.

Using threats and bribes to gain compliance leads to distrust and power struggles

The reasons for inappropriate, troublesome classroom behaviours go deeper than pure belligerence 

If you want to learn the NEW WAY to reach, teach and manage disengaged, troubled kids when nothing else seems to work, read on...

We no longer live in a time where the dominant "do as I say and do it now", overpowering models work.

The behaviourist approach - using over-the-top punishments and bribes to gain compliance are simply methods of control.

And kids HATE being controlled. Don't you?

Oh sure, reward schemes and detentions may bring some improvement with some children but as you well know, any advances or positive changes are more often than not, short lived.

The reason?

Children and young people are desperate to be UNDERSTOOD!

In today's tough schools the teachers who get the respect from the most troublesome students are those who take the time to connect with them and understand them.

This new approach is based on mutual respect, care and understanding.

It's an approach which encourages and teaches children to take responsibility for their behaviour and make considered behaviour choices rather than simply punish them.

The focus is on on connecting with young people rather than trying to control them, bribe them or force them to do what we want. 

We provide the environment, conditions and guidance to encourage students to be accountable for their behaviour. 

There are still firm boundaries. But there's a big difference is in the way we uphold those boundaries, the way we communicate and deliver consequences and indeed the type of consequences we use. 

And we still acknowledge good effort and positive results. But there's a difference in the way we let students know they're doing well.

It's an holistic approach to managing and teaching young people.

An approach which prioritises trusting relationships and which inspires cooperation, without resorting to punishments, bribes and control.

Children deserve teachers (and parents) who model emotional intelligence and conscious communication and, by becoming part of the Needs Focused Family, you will be joining a growing movement of teachers who are part of the solution. 

What results can you expect?

Teachers who apply this holistic, needs-based methodology in their classrooms (our methods are used in thousands of schools worldwide) tend to quickly see the following changes taking place...

Deeper connections with hard-to-reach students. Do you find yourself frustrated when your disengaged, disinterested students won't respond to you; no matter what you do. This boils down to a lack of trust. Many of these kids have been let down by adults - even their own parents in some cases! And before you can hope to have them listen to you, you have to gain their trust. We'll show you exactly how to do it.

More respect from ALL your students. Read the explanation above - it's much the same for respect. One of the most common issues we get asked about by teachers who are struggling is that they don't get respect from their students. I try to refrain from simply saying '=to get respect, you have to give it' but this is actually the answer. Don't worry though, we explain exactly how to do it. 

LOTS of extra time and far less stress.  Be honest, how much time do you spend dealing with unwanted behaviour problems? By that I mean preparing for and trying to prevent them, dealing with them in the moment and then mopping up the mess afterwards. Most teachers tell me they spend half their day involved in sorting out behaviour issues in one way or another. Do you really understand what this is doing to your health and happiness? Do you really want to do this for the rest of your working life? Because, being brutally frank with you, the situation isn't going to change until YOU change. You need to learn the skills which make the difference. And when you do, you can look forward to having more free time and a lot less stress. WARNING. Many teachers tell us they rediscover the JOY of teaching after applying this system!

Better student results. You trained to be a teacher to help young people learn your subject.  So you're probably frustrated about spending so much of your day fighting with students instead of being able to teach those who want to learn. This is a really important point to grasp... When you learn how to connect with your students (really connect with them) you can look forward to them ALL wanting to learn! Imagine how much easier and more rewarding that will be. 

Fewer behaviour problems, faster solutions. The main aim of The Needs Focused Teaching Method is to prevent problems. You'll be amazed how quickly the number of issues you face decreases once you apply the system. But we also offer fast-acting, proven solutions for the few problems which do occur. You'll learn how to swiftly redirect or manage incidents with less escalation and less hostility from even the most damaged and aggressive young people. Our interventions mean you can gain respect when you deal with incidents and issues instead of causing animosity.

Change moods, win hearts and gain respect  with
The Needs Focused Teaching Method


What Teachers Say About the Needs-Focused Teaching Method

"Excellent ideas; it’s always amazing to me how you deliver such awesome, effective ideas in such a short time. The greatness of it is that in a quick snippet of time, I can gain a new technique or procedure that helps bring order to my classroom!”

Tish Wodetzki, Primary School Teacher 

"Great easy-to-listen-to video tips that will be terrific for those teachers who are frustrated. I’m forwarding this email on to the principals in my district right away!

 Sumner Price, Secondary School Teacher

"Finally something concrete and applicable in real life. I’ve had enough of the people who never set their foot in a real classroom but know how everything should be done in theory. Thanks a million. As a fresh teacher, I find this invaluable.”

Jasna P, Secondary School Teacher

Melanie Watson

School Psychologist

"Rob, I have been a school psychologist for 21 years. Your talent for distilling evidenced-based strategies and life experience into a simple approach is rare and so appreciated."

Your materials are truly amazing! Your theories and practice which underpin your teachings make so much sense - so much so, they should be bound in leather and issued to every trainee (and fully fledged) teacher who walks into a classroom!


What The Program Contains

8 core modules packed with 30 no-fluff, no filler video tutorials

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About the Instructor

Rob Plevin is an ex-deputy head teacher, behaviour management specialist and relentless optimist. He runs the websites and and presents training courses internationally on behaviour management, stress management, mindfulness and motivation for teachers, lecturers, care workers, prison officers, parents and anyone else who will listen.

His live courses and INSET sessions are frequently described as ‘unforgettable’ (by attendees with proven high standards of memory) and he was rated as an ‘outstanding’ teacher by the UK’s Office for Standards in Education.

My 'satisfaction guaranteed' promise for your absolute peace of mind:

My aim is that you will find the lessons and techniques in these videos both useful and practical.

Upon using the Needs-Focused Methodology I promise you’ll notice a distinct reduction in classroom problems, an improvement in student mood and a dramatic increase in your ability to prevent and manage student misbehaviour. (As a result, don’t be surprised if your colleagues & superiors start making positive comments about your much-improved classroom management skills!).

However, if for any reason The Needs Focused Teaching Method doesn’t live up to any of these statements, or if you’re dissatisfied in ANY way whatsoever (even if you simply can’t stand my voice or the way I look  on video) just open a support ticket at my helpdesk ( within 7 days of purchase, and I’ll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund.


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  • Improved ability to connect with hard-to-reach students (and their parents)
  • Increased confidence when dealing with boisterous, out-of-control groups of students
  • A greater understanding of the Needs-Focused principles and techniques
  • Better able to help challenging students learn and reach their potential
  • Faster career progression - many viewers tell me they have earned promotions and secured better positions because of their new-found superior teaching & classroom management skills
  • Job satisfaction and enjoyment - wouldn't it be nice to actually ENJOY teaching again, knowing that you have the skills to deal with ANY group of students?