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If you have problems getting some (or all) of your students motivated, engaged, and taking part appropriately in lessons, i.e. if they’re BORED, LISTLESS, UNINTERESTED, or DISRUPTIVE​... this training program will help you.

And if you are tired of trying to come up with new ideas to get your students interested and have had enough of staying up all night to plan lessons they'll enjoy... this program will definitely help you.

Student Engagement Formula is a complete training program specifically designed to help teachers raise intrinsic motivation of students so that they fully engage in lessons, gain more from the learning process and enjoy higher levels of achievement.

I've been following Rob for years and have used his suggestions very successfully. I've also shared with colleagues. Those who try them are always amazed at how well they work. Those who don't, continue to shout at pupils and are surprised when the pupils shout back! 

Marge M.

I'm a new substitute teacher and on my first 2 days I thought I was not going to make it! I tried this technique today with all my grades (8 and 9) and even the most difficult class worked very well! I coupled it with countdown to settling, and it works amazingly. Thank you so much, what a difference it made!


Here is just a taste of what it contains:

How to Get Students to ‘Buy-In’ at the start of lessons

  • Four ways to get Instant Buy-In at the start of lessons
  • How to use Instant Connections, Demonstrations, Introductions and special Starter Activities to hook students and get them involved at the start of any lesson
  • How to use the environment to improve student moods and attitudes right from the start to and make them more likely to want to get involved 

How to Consolidate Learning

  • How to reinforce student successes, give them a sense of achievement and encourage further progress
  • Discussion methods and activities you can use to encourage students to cement learning effectively in a fun, non-threatening manner.
  • Fun ‘Teach-Back’ activities students can use to consolidate and review information
  • Active reviews and plenary activities to have students leaving the lesson on a ‘high’

How to Make Lessons more Interesting and Relevant

  • How to use whole-brain teaching and multi-channel learning to thoroughly teach a topic without the slightest chance of it ever becoming BORING for your students (or you!)
  • How to harness the power of mobile technology in lessons to teach and reinforce topics in ways your students will love.
  • How to use FUN, NOVELTY & INTRIGUE in your lesson activities so that students enjoy learning & want to come back for more
  • How to put more ‘Hands-on’ activity in lessons to stop kinaesthetic students from ‘switching off’ by getting them on their feet and ‘doing’
  • How to use the power of Task Choices to encourage reluctant learners to take part
  • How to use Task Targets to keep reluctant learners on task
  • How to use the power of community and positive relationships to give your lessons a boost and create a positive learning environment
  • How to set up vital support systems to give learners to help, guidance and encouragement they need without taking up your time


  • 30 ways to Create Curiosity at the start of lessons
  •  8 ways to make work more Relevant to your students
  • 4 ways to make work seem vitally important to students and create an “I NEED to learn this!” reaction
  •  4 Ways to give students a sense of INSTANT success at the start of a lesson
  • 10 engaging learning activities for Visual learners
  • 10 engaging learning Activities for Auditory Learners
  • 10 engaging learning activities for Musical learners
  • 20 engaging learning activities for Kinesthetic learners
  • 20 Cooperative learning activities
  • 15 free web tools you can use in the classroom
  • 10 ways to use mobile technology in the classroom
  • 8 creative ways to use video in the classroom
  • 10 active games you can use in the classroom 


  • 5 ways to help weak learners SHINE in your lessons
  •  3 ways to differentiate work and make it appropriate for all levels
  •  4 ways to get reluctant learners on your side
  •  3 systems you can set up in your classroom to give your students the support they need without taking up your time
  • 4 ways to use music in your lessons – and the type of music you need for each type of activity
  • 15 ways to put humour and laughter in your lessons
  • 10 fun energisers
  • 4 ‘relax and recharge’ quick-break activities
  • 5 ways to make your materials stand out in school and have your students treasuring them
  • 10 great new relationship and community building activities


  • Teaching becomes more enjoyable for YOU
  •  Learning becomes more enjoyable for YOUR STUDENTS
  •  Less time wasted - fewer behaviour problems
  •  Students learn quickly, information is retained
  •  Parents/carers happier, more helpful & more respectful – (they become your allies)
  •  Relationships with students improved
  • Less frustration and stress

Hi, Rob, I just wanted to report to you how pleased I have been. Before we implemented this strategy, we had a tough time getting students to focus on the material. There was significant noise and very few students plotted points in our graphing unit. After we implemented the strategy, we had almost universal student engagement.

John Buterbaugh, Math Teacher

Love it!! Rob has a knack for distilling what many find to be a difficult subject down into a really simple, easy-to-follow process. His Needs-Focused approach is something I have been using in my teaching for several years now with great success.


About the Instructor, Rob Plevin

Rob Plevin is an ex-deputy head teacher, behaviour management specialist and relentless optimist. He runs the websites and and presents training courses internationally on behaviour management, stress management, mindfulness and motivation for teachers, lecturers, care workers, prison officers, parents and anyone else who will listen.

His live courses and INSET sessions are frequently described as ‘unforgettable’ (by attendees with proven high standards of memory) and he was rated as an ‘outstanding’ teacher by the UK’s Office for Standards in Education.

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"Thanks to your ideas I was able to make my group engaged today! It was great, they loved it! Great work!" 

Ludmila Myrgorod

"Just watched your videos on student engagement strategies. My husband was astonished to see me so totally absorbed in something work-related whilst on holiday. Thanks for some great ideas."

Celine Lambert

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When you consider the amount of TIME and STRESS you will save from having your students actively involved in your lessons, and when you think how this will impact on the rest of your career AND on your home life, it’s easy to see the value in this product. As a LIVE program, we used to sell this information at £500+. Today, you can get all the recordings for MUCH less than that... completely risk free.







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