The Classroom Management VIP Pack

Get this fantastic compendium of some of Rob Plevin's best-selling training resources and programs to help with your classroom management.

What You'll Receive

Core Training Programs plus MORE

Get lifetime access to 4 core training programs plus bonus programs in digital format.

The Prevention Process

How to create and maintain a classroom environment that PREVENTS behaviour problems so you can give support where needed and teach more effectively

  • The importance of CONSISTENCY and a never-fail way of applying it in every lesson
  • HOME-SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS. How to enlist loyal support from your most powerful allies.
  • How to transform your students' feelings (and behaviour) in an INSTANT. It works and it works FAST.
Valued at £67

The Engagement Process

Never-Fail Student Engagement & Motivation Strategies You Can Use

  • 7 strategies to teach a topic without a slightest chance of it ever becoming BORING for your students (or YOU!)–ideal for getting disinterested students involved in ANY activity.
  • A twist on the way you present questions to your least interested students, which almost always results in them WILLINGLY becoming involved in the learning process.
  • Two things you can easily implement in your lessons which have students practically begging to come to class
  • Four fun methods you can use to reinforce and consolidate learning. Students LOVE these.
  • Three ways to. make work tasks and topics more relevant to students. (Critical if you want them to become involved and interested!)
Valued at £67

The Relationship Process

How to Connect & Build Bonds with Hard-to-Reach Students

  • The only two things you need to concentrate on if you want to build relationships with your students...FAST! 
  • Four (4) novel ways to strike up meaningful conversations with students (even if they never normally want to speak to you).
  • A neat strategy and script you can use to get your most troublesome students on your side (works like magic!)
  • How to get students to trust and respect you (this doesn't need to take long!)
  • Why disciplining students can be the BEST time to build a positive relationship and an easy way to do it
  • My BEST activities for building bonds and creating classroom community
Valued at £67

The Response Process

Respond to ANY classroom behaviour problem with COOL, CALM CONFIDENCE

  • An incredibly effective technique to remain TOTALLY CALM in difficult and confrontational situations
  • The Needs-Focused RESPONSE PROCESS for dealing with ANY behaviour problem
  • Proven scripted responses for your most common classroom behaviour problems
  • How to choose the right consequences for specific behaviours and incidents
  • A way to deliver consequences so that it dramatically improves your relationships with students and often results in your most troublesome students being ON YOUR SIDE with increased respect for you (The Amazing 3-Requests Technique)
  • A simple, stepped procedure to deal with EXTREME misbehaviour and crises
Valued at £67

What teachers are saying...

I never saw 15-year-olds move so fast to come back to order. No repeating myself, no prodding. The application of your tips has been wonderful! The first time I explained to my students that I would count backwards from ten when I was ready for them to come back from their group work, it worked like magic. It seems like you know the practical answers to classroom needs. Thank you

Erin Rhone

I have seen nothing short of miracles occur. My students' attitudes and behaviours have improved; they are excited and personally involved in their educational experience! What more could I ask? I truly am a disciple!!!”

Dawn H

I'm hooked! The webinars you offer are FANTASTIC!Hi Rob, I am hooked--the webinars you offer are fantastic! I'm learning so much and don't want to miss anything. I've been talking to co-workers about your fabulous resources and share what I've learned so I'm hoping they join and get hooked, too. Kids deserve great teachers - you are helping that happen! Thank you

Jill Stocks

Order with confidence

If you're new to my materials you might (justifiably) be a little hesitant in spending your money on digital resources. There are three things I want to say here to try and reassure you. Firstly, if you read some of the feedback from my past INSET clients and customers you'll see that teachers LOVE these resources and find them extremely helpful. Secondly I am here to answer your questions. If you have any worries about a particular aspect of the sale or have any questions whatsoever you can contact me at my helpdesk here.

Finally, I offer a 7-day refund option on sale products. If you are less than satisfied with the items contained in this pack you can contact me through my helpdesk at any time within 7 days of purchase and you'll be given a complete refund. Seriously, I want you to be THRILLED with your purchase and if you're not, I don't want your money. I am trying to build an army of satisfied customers who will spread good news about my company and I won't get that by defaulting on my word; you really can buy with complete confidence.

What you will get for

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  • The Prevention Process (value £67/USD87)
  • The Engagement Process (value £67/USD87)
  • The Relationship Process (value £67/USD87)
  • The Response Process (value £67/USD87)
  • Bonus 1 - Zen Productivity & Time Management (value £67/USD87)
  • Bonus 2 - ADHD Resource Pack for Teachers (value £27/USD35)
  • Bonus 3 - Classroom Management Expert's Pack (value £87/USD112)
  • Bonus 4 - TCotNC original videos (value £37/USD47)
  • Access to Needs-Focused Online Support Group (value £150/USD195)
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What participants are saying...

Thanks to your ideas I was able to make my group engaged today! It was great, they loved it! Great work!

Ludmila Myrgorod

Just watched your videos on student engagement strategies. My husband was astonished to see me so totally absorbed in something work-related whilst on holiday. Thanks for some great ideas.

Celine Lambert

You are brilliant. I work at an after school program with middle schoolers and a lot of them get off task or talk when its suppose to be homework time. This is such great information. Thank you so so much.

Tiffany Nicole