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  • Do you struggle to get students to listen in your lessons?
  • Do you find students dragging their heels to your lessons only to battle with you from bell to bell?
  • Are you fed up of students who talk over you and ignore your instructions?
  • Is constant chatter getting you down?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions you might find this new book very useful…

From: Rob Plevin

Re: Take Control Of The Noisy Class

Dear Fellow Teacher,

Would you like to be able to take control in your classroom and be able to get the most disengaged students listening attentively when you ask them to? Would you like to get respect from students and be able to settle difficult groups swiftly?

This isn’t a pipe dream. I believe any teacher can do this if they employ certain key strategies both in and out of lessons. Teachers I have taught this system to have reported dramatic transformations in the way challenging students respond to them and I’m 100% confident I can help you achieve similar results in just a few days from now.

How do I know I can teach you these things?

Because I’ve been exactly where you are now and know how it feels to be walked on in the classroom.


Teaching Is Hard

I left teacher training fresh, keen and eager to teach. I was totally convinced I would make a difference in the hearts and minds of the young people I was about to educate and in the schools I would work. I was proud to be part of this most noble and rewarding profession.

However, those dizzy dreams were cruelly followed by despair, frustration and stress… as I began to experience the reality of students who simply didn’t want to be taught. I was working in a referral unit for students who had been thrown out of mainstream school and it was hard. Very hard.

When I arrived there I was shocked to see students running wild through the corridors, slamming doors, ripping books, screaming and shouting abuse, running into the car park and throwing stones at the building. And all of this was happening during lesson time. The staff had no control whatsoever; the head teacher was in despair and I had just signed a permanent contract.


Nothing Worked

I used to go home in the evenings in a rage – so angry that these students could get away with the things they did, furious that there seemed to be no way of dealing with them. They didn’t respond to staff who were nice to them and they laughed at staff when they shouted at them and tried to punish them. Nothing worked.

I didn’t sleep, I became bad tempered at home and all my conversations with friends centred around the horrors I was facing at work on a daily basis. I became a bore and for several months I was broken – resigned to the fact that I didn’t have what it takes to work in tough schools with tough kids. My dream was over.


A few key strategies made all the difference

Fast forward a few years and my life became very, very different. I became the teacher I had always wanted to be. My students loved me and they loved my lessons. My reputation as a skilled classroom manager was spreading and I was enjoying tremendous success with some of the most damaged, vulnerable and challenging students in today’s schools. I loved my job. How did this change come about?

The school I had been working in all those years before had been placed in ‘Special Measures’ before I took the post and when this happens money is literally thrown at the school for training and development in order to raise standards. This meant I enjoyed several years of the most thorough and in-depth professional  training any teacher could hope for in the field of behaviour management.

It was a tough few years but I consider myself so fortunate for that experience. I believe I learned more in five years than I would have done in thirty-five years had I stayed in mainstream education.

Since those early years I have worked in many educational settings and finished full time teaching three years ago as the deputy head of a small special school for students with severe behaviour problems. I now run a business training teachers and lecturers all over the world in key strategies to manage classroom behaviour.

And that brings me to the reason for this letter…. I want to show you how to learn these strategies.


Introducing… Take Control of the Noisy Class - The ONLY Book You'll Need To Succeed In Today's Toughest Classrooms

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This is what you'll learn when you get your copy…

  • How to prepare for the challenging class – the things you MUST do to prevent problems from occurring in your lesson and how your ‘resource box’ can help you maintain a constant lesson flow. Without this you will find yourself having to stop to deal with disruption after disruption.

  • Taking control at the door – What to do outside the classroom to ensure your students are in a state to actually LISTEN to instructions when they go in the room. Without doing this your chances of getting a challenging class to settle are slim.

  • Getting them in the classroom- sensibly and quietly – How to filter out potential problems at the door. This one tip could totally change your lessons.

  • The perfect lesson start – Two different ways to get their attention and get them listening at the start of lessons.

  • How to maintain lesson flow and keep them on task – Once you’ve got their attention you need to keep it – just one disruption can turn the lesson to chaos with a difficult group. This is how to avoid it happening.

  • How to manage transitions with minimal disruption – transitions are mine fields if you don’t know how to manage them smoothly. Here’s a little tip that will give you total control during ANY transition.

  • How to get the support you need from senior staff – Get this wrong and you will come across weak and your reputation in the school will suffer. This is the right way to enlist support so that your status is actually enhanced.

  • Dealing with problems – Fast-acting, effective strategies for constant talking, lost/forgotten equipment, late arrivals, refusal to work, interruptions, rude comments, low level disruption, using mobile phones and more.

  • Ending the lesson on a high - (And why this is more important than you probably realise). This one tip is the secret behind having students eager to come to your lessons. Unbelievably this is 100% possible with any group if you take the right steps.

  • Long term prevention – A clear, logical system to prevent a large proportion of behaviour problems from happening in your lessons. When you put this in place your reputation will soar.

  • The ‘Clean Slate’ - A step by step strategy for you to ‘start over’ with that particularly difficult group who won’t do anything you say.

“should be required reading in every university teaching program.”

"I expected to skim this book but was completely unable to do so. The writing style is incredibly engaging. The stories Rob tells pulls you in to not only understand his thought process, but to create effective analogies so that the reader can completely understand his points.While I read this book, I wanted to shout from the rooftop, “Yes, yes, yes!” If every classroom teacher used these strategies and techniques in their classroom, they would definitely be able to take control of a noisy class. Take Control of the Noisy Class is a gem of a book that should be required reading in every university teaching program".

Susan Fitzell, Author, Educational Consultant & Professional Speaker

"I would highly recommend this to any teacher who is looking for a comprehensive guide to classroom management and dealing with troublesome individuals.”

"Rob offers not your typical blanket rules or formulaic procedures, but sensitive, profound techniques that allow a teacher to respond flexibly. He gets to the heart of the most common behaviour management problems, shining a new light on familiar classroom scenarios in a way that allows the reader to establish a newfound understanding of the young people he or she is working with. This illuminative thread, which runs throughout the book, is perhaps its most remarkable and valuable feature – after all, a teacher can easily be given a set of strategies, but without the compassion, empathy and insight to use them wisely, they are ineffective.I would highly recommend this to any teacher who is looking for a comprehensive guide to classroom management and dealing with troublesome individuals".

Isabella Wallace, Teacher, Author, Education Consultant

"This valuable resource contains so much practical information about classroom management that it should be on every teacher’s desk.”

"Written in a lively, engaging style, Take Control of the Noisy Class offers useful student-friendly techniques for maintaining a safe, positive, and orderly classroom where student achievement is the order of the day. The techniques Rob Plevin offers are practical, based on solid classroom research, and easy for any teacher to implement. This valuable resource contains so much practical information about classroom management that it should be on every teacher’s desk".

Julia Thompson, Author of First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide

"There are lots of books on the market giving advice. Rob Plevin's is one of the best.”

"There are lots of books on the market giving advice. Rob Plevin's is one of the best. In a clear, reassuring, no-nonsense tone, he shows how our attitudes and expectations as teachers translate into a simple set of routines that can make all the difference. His guidance is easy to implement, unpatronising and hugely optimistic - because once behaviour expectations are clearly bedded-in, we can get to the heart of our role - teaching our students. Take Control of the Noisy Class helps us to do just what the title promises. I strongly recommend it.".

Geoff Barton, Head, King Edward VI School, Suffolk

"it's brilliant, practical and works right away.”

"How I wish I'd had these strategies when I first began to teach. One that I especially LOVE builds on "leadership" roles with the students who are typically the loudest and trains them how to immediately quiet the class. As with every strategy in this crucially important book, it's brilliant, practical and works right away. Rob, you've done a remarkable service for teachers and students alike. The 'quiet' in the classroom transforms student behavior as well as the learning process. Thank you!"

Pat Wyman, M.A. Author, Amazing Grades and founder,

"with confidence, I testify that this is one resource that I have placed at the very top of my list!”

"Finally something concrete and applicable in real life – I’ve had enough of the people who have never set their foot in a real Take Control of the Noisy Class, in my opinion, is one of the most effective resources that give teachers quick, but also very practical and effective solutions to behaviour problems that frequently surface in today's modern classrooms. Throughout my career I attended numerous conferences in search of behaviour solutions that work and, with confidence, I testify that this is one resource that I have placed at the very top of my list!"

Stevan Krajnjan, author, founder

"Thanks a million. As a fresh teacher, I find this invaluable.”

"Finally something concrete and applicable in real life – I’ve had enough of the people who have never set their foot in a real classroom but know how everything should be done in theory. Thanks a million. As a fresh teacher, I find this invaluable."


"…your strategies work wonders!”

"Thank you so much Rob for what you are doing for the profession, your strategies work wonders! I have never tried the ‘pen’ but will do next time! Seriously speaking, I give the link to your productions to many young teachers I know because they are so unhappy sometimes and they need help which they find with what you do! So, thanks again and carry on with your good job!"


"Thank you for helping me to be in more control.”

"Rob, thank you very much for sharing your experience and reminding of these simple but effective things to do. Students’ behaviour (or actually my inability to control it) is so frustrating that at times it feels that nothing can help. Thank you for helping me to be in more control."

Natasha Grydasova

"…it was your words of letting them know you support them which helped turn him round.”

"Just recently your tip about showing kids with “baggage” that you support them. It is sooooo true. I experienced your words in my head with a student who was ‘giving me a hard time’. I just kept pushing through, thinking – show support, show respect, show you care, etc. etc. – when deep down I just wanted to say “get out to the principal’s office” etc. It finally worked and he ended the group session on a positive note but it was your words of letting them know you support them which helped turn him round. This also worked for me in my class, with a group of 10/11 year old girls who were whining about “boring”. I was deep down wanting to get cross with them, but I pushed through and it paid off. I know it’s the relationship stuff that works, but when a teacher gets busy, its often a short-cut, quick fix at the time to be “drastic” but long term it doesn’t work. I must also add, sorry to go on, but for a while now I have thought seriously about leaving teaching and going into full time counselling but your material has enthused me again and given me another kick start. Thanks, sorry about the long email – but I was pretty excited about how this is going."

Jillene Haaja

You really CAN have total respect from challenging students

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