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Magic Classroom Management


Coping Strategies for Stressed Teachers


Engaging Lesson Activities


A Fun Way to Train Students Not to Shout Out


Record Card


Classroom Management Success


Teacher Appreciation Week 


The Classroom Economy System


Helping Children Manage Anger


Change the Mood of the Noisy Class (Sample resources)


Sample pack: 'Mood Changer' Activities


10 Fraction Games to Play with Dominoes
Guided Imagery: A Calm Campsite Journey
Starters, Games and Fill-Ins
The 10-Minute Detention
How to Help Students Who Lack Self Esteem
Improve Behaviour in a Week
Classroom Activities for Cover Teachers & Substitutes
The Learning Wall
Team-building Activities for Kids
How to Build Home-School Partnerships
Language Games for the Classroom
The Secret Agent
Using Magic in the Classroom
The Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers Journal
Ed Tech for the Classroom
Growth Mindset Posters

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1. Classroom Expert Training Recordings 

Training Sessions with Top Teacher Trainers and Education Authors

Common Core And The iPad

Value £37

Free Web Tools and Social Networking 

Value £37

Rock Your Students' World 

Value £37

RTI Strategies For Secondary Teachers

Value £37

Teaching Penguins to Fly

Value £37

Strategies to Reach Students with ADHD

Value £37

5 Things All Great Readers Need to Know

Value £37

Increasing Pupil Participation

Value £3

Become a More Confident Teacher

Value £37

The Self-Running Classroom

Value £3

Vision Works for School

Value £37

Managing Conflict and Aggression

Value £37

Calm and Focused Classroom

Value £37

12 Keys to Successful Classroom Discipline

Value £37

The Teacher/Student Connection

Value £37

Re-Ignite Your Teaching & Be The Teacher Students LOVE

Value £37

Designing AMAZING Learning Experiences

Value £37

A perfect Start to the School Year

Value £37

Reaching and Teaching Non-Cooperative Kids

Value 37

The 7 Cs of Positive Behaviour Management

Value £37

Using Technology to Motivate Students

Value £37

Improve Student Engagement & Accelerate Learning

Value £37

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2. Classroom Management Solutions for Specific Behaviours

Handy checklists and desktop reminders tailored for specific classroom  behaviour problems:

  • Not bringing equipment to class
  • Inappropriate comments from students
  • No interest in the lesson
  • Won't work independently
  • Won't complete work in class
  • Tips for supply/substitute teachers
  • Students who answer back
  • Low-level disruption
  • Interruptions and constant chatter
  • Latecomers and poor punctuality
  • Positive ways to deal with mobile phones
  • Abusive language/swearing
  • Attention-seeking behaviour
  • 'Silly' behaviour
  • Defiance
  • Plus MUCH More

3. Activities & Resources for Energy, Engagement & Attention - Hundreds of novel, hugely effective  resources including:

  • Involvers and motivators¬†- to actively encourage students to take part in work tasks

  • ¬†Connectors¬†- to build class community and encourage students to work together

  • ¬†Mood changers¬†- to instill a sense of enthusiasm in your lessons

  • ¬†Relaxers¬†- to calm students down and get them settled

  • ¬†Focus improvers¬†- to train students to stick with a task

  • ¬†Creativity enhancers -¬†to train students to engage creative thinking

  • ¬†Engaging¬†Starter Activities¬†- to grab your students' attention at the start of¬† your lesson

  • ¬†Fun review activities¬†- to ensure your students retain what they've been taught¬†

4. Needs Focused Tailored Training Packs

Our most-popular trainings with new programs and resources continually being added:

Relationship Builders

Value £27

ADHD Resource Pack

Value £67

Student Engagement Formula

Value £97

Starters and Plenaries

Value £27

Cooperative & Active Learning Activities

Value £27

Job Hunters

Value £27

Motivating the Unmotivated

Value £27

More coming soon!

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Commencing November 29th 8:30 UK time

Every two weeks we'll get together via Zoom and discuss your most pressing classroom management issues. Times will vary depending on member preferences to accommodate differing time zones.

Value £30 per month

6. Online web classes and lifetime recordings

Members will have access to regular online training sessions covering various aspects of behaviour management, student engagement, communication, and teacher wellbeing as well as priority, discounted access to our full training programs.

Value £20-£30 per session

7. Private Community

At the core of our Tool Kit membership is a private online community - an essential tool for professional growth and emotional support. Here you can connect with peers who understand the unique challenges of the job share resources and collaborate with one another. This kind of collaboration can lead to improved teaching methods and a richer educational experience for all. It also allows teachers to pool their collective knowledge and experience, which can be especially beneficial for those who are new to the profession. The community will launch when we reach our first 300 members.

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I appreciate all of your ideas and the various ways that you make them available.

Rob, Thank you for this quick video It was full of great ideas. It was short enough that I will actually watch it, instead of putting it in the ‚Äúdo do later stack‚ÄĚ (which seems never to get done). I appreciate all of your ideas and the various ways that you make them available.Thanks!Jennyspecial education teacher for students with emotional behavior disorders. 5th-8th grade public school California( in the rural community in the foothills. Gold Country

‚Äď Jenny ‚Äď

Many thanks for all these really helpful life-savers!

Very many thanks. I have given myself trouble by letting kids into the room in a restless state with inevitable waste of teaching time. Your advice on calming them down in a positive, non-confrontational way and building rapport is very timely. Many thanks for all these really helpful life-savers!

‚Äď Philip Rozario ‚Äď

I have used all of your techniques…..they do work!

I teach Kindergarten and have used all of your techniques…..they do work! I especially love using different noise makers. I have purchased various stuffed birds with calls…when I push the button the children love hearing their calls and quiet down immediately. I have a train whistle, bell, bird whistle, click beetle, and many others. My advice...start collecting!

‚Äď Jill ‚Äď

I totally want to get out of the dark cave. Thank you again.

Thank you so much for the video,i have been experiencing this kind of problem, where in class the kids don’t listen to me, I totally don’t have control over the majority of the class. I definitely want to listen to the next video because to me the first video is like being in a dark Cave and have been shown the bright light on how to get out of the cave. I totally want to get out of the dark cave. Thank you again.

‚Äď Eunice ‚Äď

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I'm a new substitute teacher and on my first 2 days, I thought I was not going to make it! I tried this technique today with all my grades (8 and 9) and even the most difficult class worked very well! I coupled it with a countdown to settling, and it works amazingly. Thank you so much, what a difference it made!

- Amazon Customer -

Finally something concrete and applicable in real life ‚Äď I‚Äôve had enough of the people who have never set their foot in a real classroom but know how everything should be done in theory. Thanks a million. As a fresh teacher, I find this invaluable.

- Jasna -

Before we implemented this strategy, we had a tough time getting students to focus on the material. There was significant noise and very few students plotted points in our graphing unit. After we implemented the strategy, we had almost universal student engagement.

- John Buterbaugh -