Never-Fail Student Engagement & Motivation Strategies ​You Can Use In Your Classroom Tomorrow


The easy-to-implement system for raising student engagement and motivation in every lesson.

In this 2-hour video training I explain the simple student engagement strategies you can use to quickly and dramatically improve your students' moods and have them happily participating in your lessons. Best of all, these strategies are quick and easy to implement - you'll be able to apply them in your class TOMORROW!

❝Every, and that's every contact I've had with Rob has been a boon. Blogs, live training, videos, emails even printed books have done two things - made me think I can be a better teacher and made me believe I already am one. I've been at this game for twenty years. This is not my first rodeo. But Rob's training, his passion, his willingness to care about what we do in the classroom stuns me every time. His non-teaching work has changed my life. Which is weird because I'm an NLP coach, a counsellor and a mindfulness trainer but somehow I remember that I'm my own client when Rob reminds me. Something about what you do and how you do it works.❞ 

Jo Freeman

Just Some of What You'll Learn in This  Training Pack:

  • ​7 strategies you can use to ​make a topic more interesting for switched-off students
  • A twist on the way you present questions to your least interested students which almost always results in them WILLINGLY becoming involved in the learning process
  • How to use drama and role play in lessons as a surprisingly effective way to involve reluctant learners
  • Four fun methods you can use to reinforce and consolidate learning. 
  • Three ways to make work tasks and topics more relevant to students. (Critical if you want them to become involved!).​
  • The big problems with rewards and what to use instead as a means of improving INTRINSIC motivation.
  • The 3-step template for giving written feedback and praise to students if you want to increase learning and attainment.
  • Active learning templates and activities to promote kinesthetic & cooperative learning.
  • The hidden reasons behind students' lack of interest and motivation - and how to easily address these issues. 
  • The story of the woman who failed her school exams yet went on to become one of the UK's highest paid lawyers  and how you can use this principle to IMMEDIATELY improve the attitude and motivation of your least motivated, least interested students.

And you'll get the following bonuses included with your purchase:

'Everyone Wins' Bingo

I used to use this product as a review or end-of-session activity back when I was a corporate trainer to bring the house down. I then adapted it when I was touring the world running seminars for teachers. Having a room full of people all shouting 'BINGO!' at the same time - each one expecting they've won - is unexpectedly funny for all.

Now you can use this fully adaptable template to bring fun to your lessons - as a curriculum-based starter, plenary or fill in activity. Use it for topic keywords on any subject, in any lesson. 

Previously sold for £47 - included FREE
(Note: I may remove this bonus from future sales)

Digital copy of The Cooperative & Active Learning Tool Kit

This ebook is a collection of templates, activities and  ideas for integrating cooperative and kinesthetic learning in your lessons.

Normally £9.99 on Amazon - included FREE

Digital copy of Attention-Grabbing Starters and Plebaries for Teachers

This is one of our best-selling books on Amazon - a collection of 99 outrageously engaging starters, plenaries, energy breaks and teaching ideas to increase engagement.  Your students will LOVE these ideas. 

Normally £9.99 on Amazon - included FREE

99 Free Web Tools for the Classroom

Technology is a vital part of the teaching and learning process in today's classrooms but it can be difficult to know which tools to use. In this mini-guide you'll find details of 99 web-based tech tools and apps for classroom use - all free. 

Included FREE

What You Get:

*Lifetime Access*

  • 2-hour video training - watch and re-watch at your convenience - Value £67
  • Powerpoint Slides - print out a handy reminder of the workshop
  • Certificate of attendance - for your CPD file ​
  • Bonus #1 'Attention-Grabbing Starters & Plenaries' - Value £9.99 (on Amazon)
  • Bonus #2 'Active & Cooperative Learning Activities for the Classroom' - Value £9.99 (on Amazon)
  • ​Bonus #3 '99 FREE Web Tools for the Classroom
  • Bonus #4 'Everyone Wins' Bingo! - Value £47
 Yours Today for Only £27

❝Hi, Rob, I just wanted to report to you how pleased I have been​. ​Before we implemented this strategy, we had a tough time getting students to focus on the material. There was significant noise and very few students plotted points in our graphing unit. After we implemented the strategy, we had almost universal student engagement.❞ 

John Buterbaugh

Order with confidence - Your satisfaction is Guaranteed. As with all our trainings and products, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel this product is not suitable or useful for you, your fee will be refunded. Equally, you can cancel any time within the next 7 days for a full refund.

❝Hi, I'm a new substitute teacher and on my first 2 days, I thought I was not going to make it! I tried this technique today with all my grades (8 and 9) and even the most difficult class worked very well! I coupled it with ​countdown to settling, and it works amazingly. ​Thank you so much, what a difference it made!❞

Pearline Mannikam
Substitute teacher