How to ​Connect & Build Bonds With Hard-to-Reach Students


The Secret to Effortless Classroom Management

Teachers with relationships at the core of their practice can go into virtually any classroom, in any school, and succeed with even the most belligerent, difficult students.

After all, it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that students will generally behave better and work harder for teachers they know, like and trust.

The problem is... How do you do it? How do you build trusting bonds with young people who want nothing to do with teachers? 

The Relationship Process explains a proven, simple method for building positive relationships with ALL your students (even those who seem to hate you right now)... 

You saved my life and career, sir. 

I was polishing the printout of my resignation letter when I stumbled upon your videos earlier in the year. I thought to myself, "Alright, there's no way any of that will work in reality."

I am glad to have been proven wrong! Not only was it super simple to implement with my class from the black lagoon of behavior misfits, within just a few days I had ZERO issues.

Folks in the SPED department were stunned. I know it will not always be like this, but I was infinitely impressed with my students, myself and Rob Plevin's methodology.

Sometimes, the best answer is a simple one. The students and I were in a groove in no time and and a few parents popped out of the woodworks to thank me for inspiring their children.

Some of them even say that they love me now.

No wonder I was about to quit...

I had not actually taught and enjoyed it until very recently.

Wow...I cannot believe I was going to let myself get in the way of such a wondrous career. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brad Marshall

This is what you’ll learn during this session:

The only TWO things you need to concentrate on if you want to build relationships with your students... FAST

FOUR novel ways to strike up meaningful conversations with students (even if they never normally want to speak to you).

​A neat strategy and script you can use to get your most troublesome students on your side (works like magic!)

I have seen nothing short of miracles occur. My students' attitudes and behaviours have improved; they are excited and personally involved in their educational experience! What more could I ask? I truly am a disciple!!!❞

Dawn H

How to to get students to trust and respect you (this doesn't need to take long!)

​Why disciplining students can be the BEST time to build a positive relationship and an easy way to do it

​My BEST activities for building bonds and creating classroom community.

❝Hi, I"m a new substitute teacher and on my first 2 days I thought I was not going to make it! I tried this technique today with all my grades (8 and 9) and even the most difficult class worked very well! I coupled it with countdown to settling, and it works amazingly. Thank you so much, what a difference it made!-❞

Amazon Customer

​​What Will This Training Do For You?

Teachers LOVE our training programs and packages because we focus on rapid transformation. Our resources aren't filled with theory, jargon, and waffle. We see no point. What you want is a quick solution for your teaching problems so that you can become a highly-skilled classroom practitioner in the shortest possible time.

And that's exactly what you get with this focused professional development workshop – a training session that is tightly targeted at building relationships in the simplest, fastest way possible.

You will be given nothing but USABLE, ACTIONABLE strategies. In just a matter of minutes, you'll learn activities, scripts, tips, and methods you can use for the rest of your career to great effect.

You will end this course armed with the confidence and skills to ​build trusting, mutually respectful bonds with ALL your students together with a system for creating a classroom community.


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  • Bonus eBook - 'Connect with Your Students'

❝I've been following Rob for years and have used his suggestions very successfully. I've also shared with colleagues. Those who try them are always amazed at how well they work. Those who don't, continue to shout at pupils and are surprised when the pupils shout back!❞

Marge M

❝You are brilliant. I work at an after school program with middle schoolers and a lot of them get off task or talk when its suppose to be homework time. This is such great information. Thank you so so much.❞

Tiffany C