The Hidden Dangers of Teacher Stress (And What You Can Do About It)

According to a recent survey, teachers are at breaking point trying to cope with the relentless pressures and many  plan to leave the profession in record numbers.

82% of teachers describe their workload as 'unmanageable'

The survey, carried out by the Guardian Teacher Network, found many teachers are at crisis point. Almost all – 98% – said they are under increasing pressure...

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Teacher Stress Survey – How Stressed Are You?

If you’re a teacher or education professional and are feeling stressed, you’re in good company.

I recently asked my teacher-subscribers to fill out a Teacher Stress Survey to gauge how stressed they feel as a result of pressures at work and have been astounding (if a little worrying).

The survey consisted of just 8 simple questions such as ‘How often do you find...

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