43 Alternative Ways to Say ‘Well Done’

Here are 43 Alternative Ways to Say Well Done to a Student. Think of this as your go-to list for those moments when a simple "good job" just isn’t enough. From a cheerful "You’re cooking on gas!" to a sincere "I’m really glad to have you in this class," these phrases are little high-fives for the soul. Get creative with your words of encouragement and watch your students light up! 

  1. It’s good to see you trying so hard  
  2. That’s looking gooooooood  
  3. That’s just what I needed today – to see you doing so well  
  4. You’ve improved beyond belief  
  5. Where would this class be without you? 
  6. What you’ve done there is fantastic!  
  7. You’ve got it! Yeah baby, you’ve got it! (sing this one!) 
  8. This is incredibly impressive. You’ve shown the skill and dexterity normally displayed by highly paid professionals  
  9. I’m really glad to have you in this class  
  10. You should feel very proud. I hope you feel as good as I do about what you’ve done there
  11. Excuse me while I shed a tear – I’m overwhelmed with your effort  
  12. You’ve shocked me – I sometimes forget what an amazing teacher I am – thanks for reminding me!  
  13. You’ve made me extremely happy –thank you.  
  14. It’s effort like this that makes me remember why I do this job.  
  15. You know what, sometimes I find this job difficult – it’s seeing students work like you’ve done there that keeps me going – thank you!  
  16. Somebody call the cops. It’s gotta be a crime to produce work this good!  
  17. Your work is a shining star in an otherwise dull morning – thank you!  
  18. Are you aware of just how fantastic you are? Do me a favour – don’t leave this class!
  19. Magnifico!  
  20. Awesome!  
  21. Fantastico!  
  22. Outstanding!  
  23. Nice going!  
  24. You must have been practicing I’ve never seen anyone do it better than that  
  25. You really make my job fun  
  26. You know what? You are amazing!  
  27. You’re getting better every day  
  28. That is a perfect example  
  29. You just don’t give up until you get it right do you?  
  30. You figured that out at Light Speed!  
  31. Drum roll please!... Samantha has produced the best piece of work of her entire school career!  
  32. You’re cooking on gas!  
  33. Unreal man, simply unreal.  
  34. Amazing, simply amazing.  
  35. I just can’t thank you enough for completing this with such passion and determination!  
  36. That is the cat’s meow  
  37. You're a rockstar in the making with work like that! 
  38. Your creativity and effort are like a breath of fresh air! 
  39. You just raised the bar with that fantastic work! 
  40. Keep shining bright – your work is a beacon of inspiration! 

And a few to avoid…  

     41. “That makes a refreshing change!”  

     42. “It’s about time!” 

     43. “Why can’t you work like that more often?” 

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